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 Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI

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Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI Empty
PostSubject: Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI   Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI 9991010/28/2021, 8:34 pm

Hey all, I've been messing with sprites and ESRGAN and finally produced some improvements. All Paks can be found in PAK file.

 The map tiles didnt blend well but all the standalone objects and swords etc seem fine. Some items lose quality (Ex/ Chain Hose in Item Equip  but almost all items improved)


images compared with sliders

These are 24 bit BMPS. 

Download Of Paks and images available below

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This was all done using ESRGAN model Art1X_Clarity.pth, ran through Joey Esrgan Command Line Interface platform. 
Requires output set to Binary alpha and alpha separately must be used.

Ex/ python upscale.py Art1X_Clarity.pth --binary-alpha --alpha-mode alpha_separately

I used Gimp for preparing files for upscale and returning to BMPS etc. Any questions let me know!
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Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI   Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI 9991011/4/2021, 3:53 am

pak viewer

Can we share it?
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Clarified sprites using ESRGAN/AI
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