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 Helbreath Crusade

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PostSubject: Helbreath Crusade   Helbreath Crusade 999106/27/2020, 1:40 am

Server is now UP !!

We are now LIVE and OFFICIAL on 4/7/2020.

Check below the server information:

Server: Dedicated Host in LA, California
Up-Time: 24/7 of course.

HC / TW / Wyvern / Fire-Wyvern SOLOABLE !!!!!!!!!

Max Level: 200
Max Stats: 250

Experience/Drop rate: Medium

Website :
Discord :

I would appreciate if everyone could spread the good word, and also share some insights, suggestions, bugs and CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS to help the server out, so we all can have a fun and enjoying server.

Helbreath Crusade is an official private server with medium experience, drops and gold.

  • Experience rate : Medium.

  • Gold rate : Medium.

  • Max level 200 and Stats 250.

  • EK : 10 Per Kill

  • Maps Online : Towns, Middleland, Highlands, Promiseland, Mine Site, Abaddon and Tower Of Hell.

  • Instant level to 200 and skills all 100% except Magic.

  • All Maps TP is from Cityhall.

Helbreath Crusade has the following fully working

  • Upgrade rare weapons with Xelima Stone till +15 without losing items if fails.

  • Automated Events ( Time of event posted in client ).

  • Game Options in CTRL + G.

  • Titles in F10.

  • Buy Criticals in CTRL + C.

  • Recall portal pads in selection by clicking on guide map.

  • Party Member will now show on Minimap.

  • Party Ping on Minimap with Alt + Click.

  • Hovering mouse over the party member on Minimap will show the character name.

  • Players are able to exchange items up to 8 items one time.

  • Game Options have a lot of settings for high fps settings.

  • Ctrl + Click on Armor in inventory wear immediately.

  • Shift Items on Ground will show stats.

In addition, Helbreath Crusade features the following:

  • Hero Sword ( Ice Effect without Activation, by chance ) which is 10K EK.

  • Hero Wand ( Add Magic Damage by 40% ) which is 7K EK.

  • Magic Trap is fully working.

  • New and Improve Crafting, Alchemy and Upgrade.

  • Reputation work on Kloness items.

  • Full party 8 member will have a increase in drop rate regardless on who kills it.

  • Lots of very unique events organized by our event by GameMaster.

  • Active, experience GameMaster staff who are always ready to help you out with a problem or question.

  • Dedicated developers with extensive expertise in Helbreath Codings.

  • Able to find at least the following languages among staff members: Spanish, English.

    Thank you and can't wait to see you guys in game.


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Posts : 224

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PostSubject: Re: Helbreath Crusade   Helbreath Crusade 999107/4/2020, 12:45 am

Server is now UP. Come and join us.


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