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 New Server

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PostSubject: New Server   New Server 999102/26/2020, 3:06 am

New Announcement
After a lot of work, we are pleased to communicate
Server Opening March 01/03/20.
* New Trade Ek..
* New Trade Contri Ball.
* New Trade Coins.
* New Drop List.
*New Class Archer
* Elvine, Aresden and Assassin City
* Vip System.
*Rep + and Rep- System.
New Items and more!
I hope to see you soon and enjoy!!

Nuevo Anuncio.
Después de tanto trabajo y lucha, nos complace comunicar que el servidor estará up el día 01 De Marzo 2020. Tendra
*Nuevo Trade EK.
*Nuevo Trade Contri.
*Nuevo Trade Coins.
*Nueva Lista de Drop.
*Nueva clase, ademas de War y Mage, tendras la opción de ARCHER.
*Elvine, Aresden y Assassin City.
*Sistema De Vip ( contiene %rare drop y % dmg dependiendo del LVL VIP.
*Sistema de Rep(+) y Rep(-)
*Nuevos items y muchos Mas!
Espero verlos pronto y disfrutar de este servidor que se realizo con mucho trabajo.

FB: Helbreath Fall of Gods
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PostSubject: Re: New Server   New Server 999102/26/2020, 1:05 pm

Great news ! Good luck to you Very Happy

binarydata » Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:14 pm wrote:
hb dead anyways
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New Server
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