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 Problemas con HG.Server, problems with HG.SERVER

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Problemas con HG.Server,  problems with HG.SERVER Empty
PostSubject: Problemas con HG.Server, problems with HG.SERVER   Problemas con HG.Server,  problems with HG.SERVER 999109/27/2019, 11:07 am

Buenas soy yo nuevamente. tengo un problema quizás a muchos le paso o solo ami me pasa. lo que me sucede es Cuando pongo todo para poner el server ON

al activar el HG.Server se me cierra como si nada pero antes que se cierre la PC hace algo carga algo al instante y se cierra el HG.Server busque por todos lados no encontré una solución a mi problema

Checkeo si es posible problemas de compartibilidad probe todas las opciones y nada.

Problemas si es el fire wall tampoco lo ejecute como administrador y nada

Window Defender lo desactve y seguía el problema les dejo un vídeo lo que me pasa.

Good, it's me again. I have a problem, perhaps it happened to many or only happens to me. what happens to me is when I put everything to put the server ON
when activating the HG, Server closes as if nothing but before the PC closes it does something, it loads something instantly and the HG closes. Server look everywhere I did not find a solution to my problem
I check if it is possible to share problems try all the options and nothing.
Problems if it's the fire wall, don't run it as an administrator and nothing

Window Defender deactivated it and followed the problem I leave a video what happens to me.

las ip estan bien lo repase todo antes de postear
los files estan bien

copile hg server sin errores ni warning.
the ip is fine, review everything before posting
the files are fine
copile hg server without errors or warning.
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Problemas con HG.Server,  problems with HG.SERVER Empty
PostSubject: Re: Problemas con HG.Server, problems with HG.SERVER   Problemas con HG.Server,  problems with HG.SERVER 999109/29/2019, 6:05 am

Dude, you steps is all wrong. Open 1,2,3.

Then go to 2( MainLServer ) and press "HOME" button.

Then go to 3( WLServer ) and press "HOME" button.

Then only go to HGServer folder and open HGServer.exe

Its closing because the ports are not registered correctly.

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Problemas con HG.Server, problems with HG.SERVER
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