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 [CODE] Admins on-line

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[CODE] Admins on-line Empty
PostSubject: [CODE] Admins on-line   [CODE] Admins on-line 9991011/8/2014, 3:10 am

Es un código para ver todos los admin en línea.

En Game.CPP agregar:

/*===========Get Admins==By Acidx====/admins=======*/[size=12][/size]
void CGame::PlayerCommandCheckAdmins(int iClientH)[size=12][/size]
{//An Acidx Production - Last Updated:Aug.29.2006[size=12][/size]
char  cNotifyMessage[256],cNotifyMessage2[256], cGMName[12];[size=12][/size]
int i,x;[size=12][/size]
WORD  * wp;[size=12][/size]
char  * cp;[size=12][/size]
char cBuff[256];[size=12][/size]
ZeroMemory(cNotifyMessage, sizeof(cNotifyMessage));[size=12][/size]
ZeroMemory(cNotifyMessage2, sizeof(cNotifyMessage2));[size=12][/size]
x = 0;[size=12][/size]
for (i = 0; i < DEF_MAXCLIENTS; i++) [size=12][/size]
 if (m_pClientList[i] != NULL) {[size=12][/size]
 if (m_pClientList[i]->m_iAdminUserLevel > 1) {[size=12][/size]
 wsprintf(cNotifyMessage, "Active Admin: %s", m_pClientList[i]->m_cCharName);[size=12][/size]
 ShowClientMsg(iClientH, cNotifyMessage);[size=12][/size]
 wsprintf(cNotifyMessage2, "%i Admins Are Online", x);[size=12][/size]
 ShowClientMsg(iClientH, cNotifyMessage2);[size=12][/size]

Dspues en Game.cpp en ChatMsgHandler() agregar:

/*====Add us Some /Commands here====*/[size=12][/size]
if (memcmp(cp, "/admins", 7) == 0) {[size=12][/size]

Y por ultimo declararlo en Game.h agregar:

/*====Add us some Declares here pal===*/[size=12][/size]
void PlayerCommandCheckAdmins(int iClientH);

[CODE] Admins on-line 2mpymxj
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[CODE] Admins on-line
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