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New Player Guide

The new player guide will introduce you to the control scheme and core Helbreath gameplay. It will also walk you through the in-game tutorials and your first battles. The new player guide will help you learn the skills you need to take on other players.

Step 1: Creating your character

Each account allows you to have 4 characters in total. These characters can be either Elvine or Aresden.

To create a new character, log in and click on the "Create new character" button . Enter your name, and design the character as you wish. You also have to choose your starter from the statistics "Warrior", "Mage" or "Archer" (Warrior, Mage or Archer).

Warrior: Has the most vitality. Best for battles using weapons, but is weak in magic. These characters have high defense, since their high STR allows them to use the strongest armor.

Mage: Is a qualified magician, but is weak. It is usually the protector during a battle. They use INT and MAG as the main statistics, as well as a bit of DEX and VIT. Mages are ranged attackers and generally their armor is lower, and makes them vulnerable to physical attacks. They have a wide variety of defense and attack spells, and can be very powerful.

Each character has six specific points that can determine the personality of the character. As your characters level increases you obtain 3 additional stat points. Each stat point area can range from 10 to 200.

  • STR (Strength): The STR points defines the power of a character. The STR points relate to the maximum load you can carry and weight of item you can wield. All weapons have a STR requirement for “full swing speed”. STR also adds s damage bonus to attacks. The higher your STR the better armor you can wear.
  • VIT (Vitality): The VIT Points defines the hit points of a character and the amount that is regenerated. The more VIT you have, the higher you regen and the more effective “Health Recovery” Armor is.
  • DEX (Dexterity): The DEX points define the agility of a character. If your DEX points increase, so does attack success and defense rating.
  • INT (Intelligence): The INT defines the intelligence of a character. The more INT points you have, the more spells you can learn for both attacking and defense.
  • MAG (Magic): The MAG points defines the magical ability of a character. Increase MAG points results in an increase to mana points as well as the amount of mana that is regenerated. The more MAG you have the higher you casting probability is as well as the speed of casting. MAG also gives a a bonus to damage.
  • CHR (Charisma): The CHR points defines the charisma of a character.
  • At 20 point CHR or above you are able to create a Guild. Increasing CHR points enables you to buy items at cheaper prices.

Step 2: Leveling your character

The basics of Helbreath include player versus player (PvP) combat, leveling, questing and socializing. And like any other online role-playing games, Helbreath is no exception: raising your character level is crucial.

New players begin as a neutral traveler in the Beginner Zone allowing them to familiarize themselves with core mechanics of gameplay.

It's safer to raise your level at the beginning of the game by hunting with the community of gamers. As you level up and place your stats the monsters you fight will become easier. Different maps have different monsters on them, the harder the monster the more experience you’ll get. Explore the maps and find a place that is good for leveling.

Each of the monsters within Helbreath give you experience points. The person who gets the last hit, gains the most experience points. If you are in a party the experience points are split between the people in the party.

A player may not exceed level 19 until obtaining citizenship in either Aresden or Elvine. Once a player has gained citizenship, they may choose between status as either a Civilian or Combatant. You need to have a specific status in order to enter most of the maps. You can change your status within your City Hall (the building in the middle of your town).

Traveller: is the rank a player acquires right after the account has been created. He is a neutral player who, once he has reached level 5, can choose to nationalize from one of the 2 cities in the game. This player can only reach level 19 as Traveler; From then on, you have the obligation to opt for a city, if you wish to continue increasing its level.

Civilian: they are players who, due to their low level, prefer not to enter into combat against other combatants.These players can only remain in their city, without the possibility of leaving their surroundings.

Combatant: they can enter to fight against enemy combatants and have access to all places (except the traveler zone) of the game as long as their level allows them.

Criminal: they are players who have killed one or more fighters from their own city. They are taken prisoners, with the obligation to remain for a few minutes locked in a cell. Once released, they are in criminal status, which leads to being killed by any player, whether or not from their city and with the risk of losing several objects (items) when they die. The player is released from this state when killed.

Step 3: Items & Clothes

For the first 19 levels, a character is given gold every time they level up to help them out. Upon reaching the maximum level in the server, it is traditional that the player will receive a special-issue set of gear, otherwise known as Dark Knight or Dark Wizard equipment. This gear can only be equipped by the player that earns it. The character is also given a weapon or wand depending on their stats, this item can be upgraded with Majestic Points. Majestic Points also allow the person to get other items and change their stats.

Monsters also have a chance at dropping unique items including jewelry, special spells and weapons. They are are often worth a lot within the Helbreath community. Be sure to check around prior to selling, trading or using it.

First Drops: When a monster dies, these items appear where the monster once stood. To pick up the item, click on your character while standing on top of them. These drops range from gold to potions, stated weapons and stated armors.

Second Drops: When the monsters body disappears there is a chance at a second drop.

Step 4: Use shortcuts

Step 5: Maps

The player vs. Player in Helbreath is equal to none 50/100. There are several maps where people from both nations fight against each other serving their gods, and getting EK points to buy hero armor and other items. Different servers can have different maps.