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What is Helbreath?

Welcome to Helbreath. Here you'll find all the basic information you need to get set up and win in any server.

Helbreath is a popular MMORPG PC video game developed by the Korean company Siementech, first launched in South Korea in August of 1999.

The player must choose the city of which he will be a part of. If the player joins Aresden, the player will be an enemy of Elvine, and therefore of the players belonging to the opposite city.

In this game you can make varied "Quests", thus earning gold and contribution points, which will represent your level of contribution to your city and thereby achieve, along with the amount of Enemy Kill Count's, get part of the hero armor of your city until you get it completely. This set of armor is very desired by all players, since it is the strongest, is not lost at death and is aesthetically a very distinctive armor, which causes respect for other players.